Dr. Seilstad Publishes Chapter on the Transformation of Teaching Methods


Dr. Brian Seilstad, Assistant Professor in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at AUI, has published a chapter in a TESOL Press series book titled "Engaging Research: Transforming Practices for the High School Classroom." The book focuses on transforming practices in the K-12 classroom with Dr. Seilstad's chapter focusing on ethnographic and discourse analysis research done by him, Somin Kim, and Min-Seok Choi with a high school teacher, Derek Braun, documenting and analyzing the teacher's exemplary efforts to decenter English and support students' home languages and content learning. This chapter, and book as a whole, shares space with many established and emerging scholars in TESOL and bi/multilingual education, including the current president of TESOL International.

The book can be found here: