Dr. Gray Publishes Paper on "Indirect Victims"

Dr. Doris H. Gray, Associate Professor in AUI's School of Humanities and Social Sciences, recently published a report for the International Center for Transitional Justice (ICTJ). The ICTJ is an organization that works for justice in countries that have endured massive human rights abuses under repression and in conflict.
Dr. Gray's new report titled, "Who Hears My Voice Today?: Indirect Women Victims in Tunisia", focuses on "indirect victims" of human rights violations in Tunisia, namely, the wives, sisters and children of political prisoners in Tunisia, who suffered discrimination, social exclusion, police violence and harassment during the dictatorship. Presenting the documentation and analysis, it argues that the transitional justice process in Tunisia must recognize the experiences of indirect victims, and address the consequences of the violations they faced.  
An executive summary of the report, as well as PDF downloads of the full report in both Arabic and English, can be found here: