Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - AUI faculty to Attend AT-SGIRES EU Training Conference

AUI faculty to Attend AT-SGIRES EU Training Conference

In February, Dr. Ahmed Khallaayoun and Dr. Mhammed Chraibi will be representing Al Akhawayn University at the Advanced Teaching and Training on Smart Grid and Grid Integration of Renewable Energy Systems (AT-SGIRES) group meeting. AT-SGIRES aims to to introduce the topic of Smart Grid and Grid Integrated Systems to the curricula of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in different MENA and EU universities, and to deepen the understanding of the smart grid projects and grid connected system among the communities, working force and university renewable energy faculty members and graduates in the MENA region. In addition to this, AT-SGIRES aims to improve of the quality of renewable energy integration and smart grid courses offered in partner universities, develop and implement more easily accessible online teaching modules in the field of smart grid and integration of renewable energy sources, enhance cooperation amongst Jordanian, Moroccan and Syrian Universities and EU Universities the field of smart grid technology and grid connected systems and to build the capacities of the university teaching staff in partner universities through training workshops and exchange activities. 

In addition, they will attend a conference/workshop about smart grid technology. While the teaching materials generally target graduate and postgraduate students, the training courses are designed to train the teachers involved in the process as well. The teaching modules will be prepared by the project partners in close cooperation with industrial stockholders. AUI, along with 6 other universities from England, Germany, Cyprus, Jordan, and Syria, is part of the consortium. 
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