Maghrebi Relations: Dr. Lounnas and Dr. Messari Publish Paper for MENARA Project


Dr. Djallil Lounnas and Dr. Nizzar Messari have once again co-authored a new paper that was published as a part of the Middle East and North Africa Research Architecture papers (MENARA), a research program which aims to spread light on the historical, political, economic and social dynamics that are affecting the Middle East and North Africa. The paper, titled "Algeria-Morocco Relations and Their Impact on the Maghrebi Regional System", is based on interviews conducted in Algeria and Morocco and looks at the key issues over which the two states disagree, the divergent narratives on those issues, and the modes of overcoming them. The paper also examines how these differences impact the stability of the North-African-Sahelian regional system. 

The publication can be accessed by the following link: