Lounnas Co-Authors Two International Publications

AUI continuously shows its international reach through the actions of its staff, faculty and students. Most recently, Assistant Professor of International Studies, Dr. Djallil Lounnas, co-authored two working papers as a part of the MENARA Project (Middle East and North Africa Regional Architecture). The first working paper, titled "The Libyan Security Continuum: The Impact of the Libyan Crisis on the North African/Sahelian Regional System", was co-authored with Dr. Virginie Collombier of the European University Institute and is based on extensive field work and countless interviews conducted by both Dr. Lounnas and Dr. Colombier in Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, Mali and Mauritania during 2017 and 2018. 
The paper analyzes the current, past and most recent security developments in Libya, and how it has impacted the security and economy of Algeria, Tunisia and the Sahel. The second publication by Dr. Lounnas is titled, "Jihadist Groups in North Africa and the Sahel: Between Disintegration, Reconfiguration and Resilience", and was a part of the H2020 European financed MENARA project as well. Key actors regarding these issues were interviewed by Dr. Lounass in Algeria, Tunisia and the Sahel, and in the paper Dr. Lounass analyzes the recent dynamics and reconfiguration of the radical organizations in the North African-Sahelian regional system. In the paper Dr. Lounass argues that these organizations operate within a fragmented environment and that they themselves are fragmented along similar lines found in the Middle East, however with different outcomes in North Africa.
Both publications can be accessed through the following links: