Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - NEASC Accreditation Celebration: The Achievements Exhibition.

NEASC Accreditation Celebration: The Achievements Exhibition.

Accreditation is no small thing, nor is its acquisition easily achieved. In order to attain such levels of excellence, an entire institution must come together and work towards a common goal.

In order to celebrate its recent NEASC accreditation, Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane recently organized an Institutional Accreditation Celebration wherein it arranged to demonstrate the myriad hurdles it overcame to achieve this new level of excellence. The cornerstone of this celebration laid in stressing the role played by each department, placing the onus on their individual accomplishments and how these have made Al Akhawayn what it is today.

To illustrate these many accomplishments, AUI organized an all-day Achievements Exhibition which took the form of placards covering the University’s main entrance. Each of these posters elucidated a different facet of the University so as to exemplify the diversity of the recent undertaking. The roll-ups showcased fifteen separate entities, including the three main schools—the School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS), the School of Science and Engineering (SSE), and the School of Business Administration (SBA)— the Language Center (LC), the Student Activities Office (SAO), the Executive Education Center (EEC), the Institute of Economic Analysis and Prospective Studies (IEAPS), Student Life, Internationalization, Quality Assurance, Institutional Accreditation, Programmatic Accreditation, Human Capital, Community and Social Responsibility, Academic Supports, and Alumni.

These different posters described the entities’ respective evolutions—how they came about, how they have changed over the years, as well as what they are today. They also supplied the entities’ mission statements and displayed the most noteworthy data. In the case of the SAO, for instance, their poster demonstrated how the office has moved and grown, and how the number of clubs has increased exponentially as a result of the student body’s expansion. Other posters, such as Academic Support’s, demonstrated the various supports offered to students on campus—from the Center for Learning Excellence to the Writing Center—as well as the amenities offered by each of those support centers.

Al Akhawayn is proud of its recent accreditation, but it is prouder still of the people that came together to make it happen. 

Written by Liam Reilly