NEASC Accreditation Celebration: The Press Conference.


At midday on the day of the Institutional Accreditation Celebration, Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane held a press conference for some of the largest names in Morocco. Present were la MAP, L'Economiste, 2M, Mounaataf, Al Majalla, 24 Azrou, Al Alam, Atlas Hebdo, Radio plus, Rabat Chaine Inter, Les Inspirations Eco, La Nouvelle Tribune, Consonews, Infomédia, Le Matin, Chouf TV, Le Site Info, Al Bayane, Bayane Al Yaoum, and many others who were not present also chose to cover the subject.

The questions posed by the media were wide-ranging, but by and large their main focuses were the accreditation, what it means for AUI, and what it means for Morocco. They sought to understand the nine-year process undertaken by AUI, as well as what accreditation might mean for the University looking forward: whether the University will content itself with this achievement, or if it will seek additional accolades. Such questions are important, for at the heart of this achievement lies the fact that AUI is the first non-US American accredited university in Africa, which means that AUI also has the responsibility to set a precedent not only within its immediate country, but also within the continent as a whole.

Not all articles have been published as of yet, but some are already available for viewing.

Written by Liam Reilly