A Change in Paradigms: Shifting Djihadism in the 21st Century

Professor Djallil Lounnas' presentation, entitled "La mouvance Djihadiste en Afrique du Nord et au Sahel: d'AQMI à Daech", took place on September 26 in Algiers, at the Institut National Des Études des Strategies Globales (INESG). Lounnas' presentation explored the current patterns of Djihadism in North Africa, and the possible consequences of the fall of Daech on the Middle-East as well as the Djihadist groups in question. Lounnas argued that there has been a shift from from "A Peshawar Paradigm", which dominated Transnational Jihadist groups since the late 80's, to new Jihadist paradigms, such as "The Rakka Paradigm", which represent Daech vs "Idleb Paradigm" and the new AL Qaeda strategies.