IEAPS Dean Publishes Paper on the e-Journal of Economics & Complexity

IEAPS dean Dr. Ahmed Driouchi published a paper on the e-Journal of Economics & Complexity: an Interdisciplinary Journal on Mundialization, Development and Social Change; which discusses the thematic issue: “migration and its surroundings.”

Abstract: This paper focuses on the shortage in health workforce, its causes and its consequences. The implied mobility is also introduced. Series of issues are introduced to better capture the global prospects facing the health system. A literature review survey on the above dimensions is the main source of information used in this paper. The attained outcomes confirm the existing increasing current and future trends of shortage and mobility of the health workforce with emphasis on medical doctors. The expected consequences on developing countries are discussed in relation to the increasing demand for healthcare but also to the technological changes taking place at the level of the sector and in its environment.

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