IEAPS Dean Interviewed by L’Economiste about the NEETs


Dr. Ahmed Driouchi was interviewed for an article in the Moroccan newspaper L’Economiste about “the state of knowledge about the NEETs (Not in Education, Not Employed and Not in Vocational Training)".

Below is an introductory paragraph to the interview published on L’Economiste, issue 5039, June 6th, 2017:

The Institute for Economic Analysis and Prospective Studies (IEAPS) of Al Akhawayn University has been working on youth, poverty, education and labor markets in relation to its economics of knowledge projects. This has allowed the study of new dimensions related to youth, in particular intergenerational transfers and the decision-making practices of the newer generations. This has led to the pursuit of research targeting the NEETs. Two research papers are recently published by the IEAPS, on the NEETs.