Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - AUI Team Won the CODE IT Contest in Casablanca

AUI Team Won the CODE IT Contest in Casablanca

Al Akhawayn student, Khalil Ait Brahim Mohammed, run solo under the name past_glory Team, was ranked first at the CODE IT Contest held on April 17th at Ecole Hassania des Traveaux Publics (EHTP) in Casablanca. He solved six problems. AUI Team, MadeWithLove (Najwa Laabid, Ahmed Lekssays, and Abdelghafour Mourchid), ranked fourth after solving four problems, received the distinction of 'First to solve a problem in only seven minutes.'

27 official teams and 2 unofficial teams competed during five hours to solve eight problem sets. AUI’s unofficial Team, ACM-Alumni with Saad Taame as a Solo Contestant, was ranked as the unofficial Winner for solving six problems faster than the official winner: past_glory Team.

The Contest Score Board is available here: