Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - Korean Culture Takes AUI Campus by Storm

Korean Culture Takes AUI Campus by Storm

AUI students experienced Korean music, fashion and fan culture at the Korean Club’s products sale Thursday. In the second ever event of this kind, the Club introduced students to K-Pop artists such as 2ne1 and Girl Generation and featured cultural accessories such as Pikachu key chains and candy cane-shaped lip gloss. The Club also sold Animé DVDs, K-Pop CDs and band posters, among other items.

According to Samah Houmy, an SHSS student and member of the Club, the Korean products sale is important because it gives student fans access to Korean culture.

“There are many fans of K-Pop and Korea (in Morocco) in general, but it’s hard to find things, even in Rabat and Casablanca,” said Houmy.

For Ougdane Sabbah, a communications major and fellow Club member, is one such fan.

“I love Korean culture and Korean drama,” said Sabbah. “I think it’s a wonderful country.”

Sabbah believes the sale allows her passion to reach other people, as well. 

“(Students) will be introduced to some dance, to some cosmetics,” said Sabbah. “They are aware that (this music) is Korean, not Japanese. They have time to understand Korean culture more.”

Sale items came from Koribaro, a Korean store in Casablanca, and were chosen by club members in a Facebook poll. The most popular products among students were cosmetics.