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AUI Student to Participate in Socially Responsible Hackathon

AUI is proud to announce that SSE student Ali Elabridi has been selected participate in New York University in Abu Dhabi's "Hackathon for Social Good in the Arab World". Ali will be one of 64 candidates—only two of whom are Moroccan, Ali included—to receive transportation and accommodation to spend three days developing socially useful web applications.


Life in Toyota's Fast Lane

After many years, Salma Moukbil—SBA alumna and graduate of the class of 2005—has been named the new General Manager of Toyota Maroc. Prior to this, Salma worked as both the Customer Relationship Manager (July 2009–August 2014) and the Marketing Director (August 2014–February 2018) for Toyota Maroc.

IEAPS Participates in the Annual FEMISE Conference in Malta

The 2018 Annual EU-funded Euro-Mediterranean Forum of Economic Institutes (FEMISE) Conference is centered this year on the Theme of Neighbors of Neighbors: Relation and Cooperation of the EU-Med towards Africa, in Valetta, Malta, on 7-9 February 2018.

As an active and founding member of FEMISE, AUI IEAPS will be represented by one of its members, M. Tahar Harkat. Mr. Harkat will represent the institute and address issues related to research progress around youth in the region.

The FEMISE annual conference provides a platform for the different actors of the EU-Med region of research institutes’ members, academics, policymakers and representatives of the international community including the EU, to engage in a constructive dialogue about the future of the region and the role the EU can play in the context of the new ENP. 


The concept note is available by clicking here.

The agenda is available here.


AUI Student Comes in First at "SheHacks"

Tech-savvy Oumaima Lamaakel and her fellow American teammates placed first in the "Wellness Challenge"" at "SheHacks", the largest all-female and non-binary Hackathon based out of Boston. Lamaakel and her team created an Android app designed to help people in emotional distress that is capable of linking to both a VR headset and a physical game in order to help people get over panic attacks.


IEAPS: Understanding Youth in Arab Countries


The following contribution is a synthesis of many contributions (Driouchi & Harkat, 2017a; 2017b; 2017c; 2017d; 2017e; Harkat, Driouchi, and Achehboune, 2016a; 2016b; and Harkat and Driouchi, 2017) and aims at analyzing the situation of the youngest segments in Arab economies. Findings indicate that the values, and the way women is perceived as a player in the economy by older generations did not change. But with regard to work attribute, they have changed significantly. With regard to macroeconomic threats, they are perceived more by young individuals in non-GCC countries than young individuals in GCC countries. The remaining four sections indicate the impact of vocational and general education on macroeconomic and social variables, the status as well as the determinants of youth unemployment, the status and determinants of young individuals not in education, not in employment, and not in training (or NEETs), and the impact of the demographic dividend on the NEETs. Empirical results indicate that the situation and impact of the youth differs from each Arab economy to another.

Tahar Harkat, Ahmed Driouchi, IEAPS, Al Akhawayn University, Ifrane, Morocco.

Online at

MPRA Paper No. 83843