Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - Spotlights


Serbian Interest in Moroccan Art: A Professorial Splash

SHSS Professor Vesna Dragojlov gave a seminal lecture entitled "Risk Change" at the Serbian Museum of African Art that discussed the status of design and art in Morocco. The lecture, which drew large crowds, merited enough follow-up TV interviews  and newspaper mentions that Dr. Dragojlov has been called back for a subsequent lecture in June. Coincidentally, the museum will be dedicating an entire exhibit to Morocco.

An Exchange of Minds: Smith College and AUI

In Fall 2017, SHSS Professor Zaynab El Bernoussi participated in an exchange with Smith College. During this time, Dr. El Bernoussi had the opportunity to share her research on dignity—karama—with the Smith College community and help organize a conference entitled “Contemporary Women and Islam: Politics and Identity”. On February 27, Dr/ El Bernoussi shared her experiences with students and faculty alike while also describing an opportunity of mutual growth for both institutions. While Dr. El Bernoussi was at Smith College, AUI had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Bozena Welborne as the HCC Scholar-in-Residence.
Feel free to consult the Smith College article should you want further information.
AUI is very excited about the Smith College-AUI partnership's future, and is sure that it will continue to bear fruit in years to come.

The Mimouna Club in Fès

On the 25th of February, the AUI's Mimouna Club visited several Jewish-Moroccan sites in Fes. The trip was an opportunity to understand the Jewish-Moroccan identity and to discover many elements of the Jewish Culture. Attendees had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Abraham Sebbagh, the Fès Rabbi, as well as Mr Elie Devico, the treasurer of the Fèssi Jewish community. The Association Mimouna also invited students to join them in a delicious kosher lunch with the community.

AUI Student to Participate in Socially Responsible Hackathon

AUI is proud to announce that SSE student Ali Elabridi has been selected participate in New York University in Abu Dhabi's "Hackathon for Social Good in the Arab World". Ali will be one of 64 candidates—only two of whom are Moroccan, Ali included—to receive transportation and accommodation to spend three days developing socially useful web applications.


Life in Toyota's Fast Lane

After many years, Salma Moukbil—SBA alumna and graduate of the class of 2005—has been named the new General Manager of Toyota Maroc. Prior to this, Salma worked as both the Customer Relationship Manager (July 2009–August 2014) and the Marketing Director (August 2014–February 2018) for Toyota Maroc.