Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - Spotlights


Karim Achibat-IEEC

Karim Achibat, Language Center lecturer at Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, gave a lecture entitled The Hindrance of English Language Teaching: Focus on Listening and Speaking Comprehension at the International English Education Conference that took place in Errachidia on March 30–April 1, 2012. The lecture put in perspective some of the issues that many English teachers encounter while dealing with the learning process of the language skills. The focus of the talk was on, but not limited to, reflective teaching practice, aspects of learning, and best practices and current methodologies in language communicative skills. 

Posted on 04/03/2012


Al Akhawayn School of Business Administration organized on March 31, 2012 a one-day retreat in Auberge Tourtit (road to Azrou) to revise the School’s vision and mission.

Posted on 04/02/2012


Tunisian national junior swimming team is in residence at Al Akhawayn campus from March 11 to April 1, 2012. The 18-member team is following an athletic program for high performance in preparation for the 2012 Olympic Games in London and other future championships.

Posted on 03/27/2012

Alexander Von Humboldt Foundation

Alexander Von Humboldt Foundation in Germany is receiving applications from Al Akhawayn University to carry out research activities with partners from Germany. The Foundation aims at promoting academic cooperation between outstanding scientists and scholars from Germany and other countries, including Morocco.

Posted on 03/26/2012


Ahmed Driouchi, Dean of the Al Akhawayn Institute for Economic Analysis and Prospective Studies, and Nada Zouag ('04), Al Akhawayn alumna, published an article on Patents, Pharmaceuticals and Prices of Generics in Morocco and Neighboring Economies in the  Journal of World Intellectual Property (JWIP) (2012) Vol. 15, no. 2, pp. 103-132, To read the abstract, click here.

 Posted on 03/21/2012