Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - Spotlights


Karim Moustaghfir-slovenia

Karim Moustaghfir, Assistant Professor in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences has participated as a Keynote Speaker in the International Conference MakeLearn 2011 held in Celje – Slovenia on 22-24 June 2011. Dr. Moustaghfir has focused his talk on the role of knowledge assets and human capital to enhance innovation capabilities and improve organizational performance. Dr. Moustaghfir has also presented in this conference a paper entitled “Knowledge-based value creation dynamics in the IT sector”.

During his visit to Slovenia, Karim Moustaghfir has also given two lectures on the Strategic Management of Intangible Assets to the participants in the International Summer School organized by the International School for Social and Business Studies in Celje from 27 June to 8 July 2011.

Ahmed Driouchi-Theory and Decision

Ahmed Driouchi, Dean and Director of the Al Akhawayn University Institute for Economic Analysis and Prospective Studies, has published with M. Abdellaoui and O. L'Haridon a new article entitled "Risk Aversion Elicitation: Reconciling Tractability and Bias Minimization," in Theory and Decision (Volume 71, Number 1, July 2011, pp: 63-81). Theory and Decision is an international journal on multidisciplinary advances in decision science, published by Springer.

Karim Moustaghfir-ifkad

Karim Moustaghfir, Assistant Professor in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences has participated as member of the Scientific Committee in the 6th edition of the IFKAD Conference 2011 held in Tampere - Finland from 15 to 17 June 2011. The theme of the conference was "The Knowledge-based Foundations of the Service Economy". Dr. Karim Moustaghfir has presented in this international conference a paper entitled: "Entrepreneurial Learning: An Organizational Capability for Effective Higher Education Services"

Ahmed Driouchi-Karim Malki-Molk Kadiri-Nada Zouag-Mohammed Abdellaoui-Olivier L'Haridon

The Al Akhawayn University Institute for Economic Analysis and Prospective Studies (IEAPS) has announced that three papers were accepted and to be presented in three national/international conferences as follows: "Fragmentation and Enterprise Creation," by Ahmed Driouchi, Dean and Director of the IEAPS and Al Akhawayn University alumnus Karim Malki (BBA, Class of 2009, MS Corporate Finance, Class of 2010), in the Congress of the Moroccan Association of Economic Sciences (AMSE), June 10-11, 2011, The National Observatory of Human Development (ONDH), Rabat, Morocco; "New Economics of Migration of Medical Doctors," by Ahmed Driouchi and Al Akhawayn University alumna Molk Kadiri(BBA, Class of 2007) and Nada Zouag (BBA, Class of 2004), at the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)/Oxford New Welfare Economics Congress, July 5-8, 2011, OECD, Paris, France; and "Risk Aversion Elicitation: Reconciling Tractability and Bias Minimization," by Ahmed DriouchiMohammed Abdellaoui, and Olivier L'Haridon, professors from HEC Paris / National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) at the Behavioral Economics & Poverty Unit, United Nations University, to be presented at the UNU-Wider Conference, September 1-2, 2011. in Helsinki, Finland.

Nicholas Hamelin-Ibtissam Mkhanet-Yamina Benhari-Yasmina El Fethouni

Four papers by graduating Class of 2011 students under the supervision of assistant professor of marketing Nicholas Hamelin have been accepted for presentation at the International Academy of Business and Public Administration Disciplines (IABPAD) Conference, July 25-28, 2011, at the DoubleTree Hotel Waikiki in Honolulu, Hawaii, and also accepted for publication in the IABPAD Conference Proceedings. The papers are “Female Consumers’ Perception of Fashion Clothing in Morocco,” by Ibtissam Mkhanet; “Ethical Consumerism: A View from the Food Industry in Morocco,” by Yamina Benhari; “Understanding Moroccan Youth Values and Westernization Process through the Entertainment Industry," byYasmina El Fethouni; and “Understanding Moroccan Consumers Consumption for Luxury Goods,” by Meryem Khaled.