Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - Spotlights


Ahmed Driouchi-UNU-Wider Helsinki

Ahmed Driouchi, Dean and Director of the Al Akhawayn University Institute for Economic Analysis and Prospective Studies, has presented a paper entitled “Eliciting Preferences under Risk in the Wild: Reconciling Tractability and Bias Minimization” at the UNU-Wider Helsinki Conference on Behavioral Economics and Poverty

Said Ennahid-Qatar

Said Ennahid, Associate Professor of Islamic Art and Civilization in the Al Akhawayn School of Humanities and Social Sciences, was awarded a travel fellowship to attend the fourth Biennial Hamad Bin Khalifa Symposium on Islamic Art at the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, Qatar, on October 29-31, 2011. More information about the symposium can be found here

Karim Achibat-IAMCR

Karim Achibat, Al Akhawayn University Language Center lecturer, presented his paper entitled Political Communication in Morocco’s Elections Campaigns: Content, Production, and Audiences in the International Association of Media and Communication Research conference (IAMCR) taken place in Istanbul, Turkey, on July 13-17, 2011. The focus of the presentation was on political communication during the elections campaigns and the interplay between political communication and national politics in Morocco.

Yassine Salih Alj-IEEE

Yassine Salih Alj, Assistant Professor of Engineering in the School of Science and Engineering has published a new article entitled: "Design Considerations for an UWB Computationally-Efficient Fast Acquisition System for Indoor Line-of-Sight Ranging Applications". This paper was accepted for publication in the most prestigious international Journal in the field of Wireless Communications: IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications. (Top 10 journals in Telecommunications)

Ahmed Driouchi-OECD

Ahmed Driouchi, Dean and Director of the Al Akhawayn University Institute for Economic Analysis and Prospective Studies, attended the OECD Universities’ Joint Congress 2011 in Paris (July 6-8, 2011), organized by the OECD, Oxford University, and The Open University. The meeting gathered economists from universities in the UK, United States, France, Italy, Canada, Austria, China, Ireland, and others, to discuss the "new welfare" economics, poverty, health and education. Dr. Driouchi presented his paper on “New Economics of Skilled Migration: The Case of Medical Doctors,” provided input to dozens of other papers and projects on topics related to IEAPS' work, and explored possible collaboration with participants from Canada, Italy, Austria, Ireland, and China.