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Ali Azeriah-banipal2012

Ali Azeriah, Visiting Professor of English Composition at Al Akhawayn’s School of Humanities and Social Sciences, published his translation into English of the short stories entitled Essaouira, by Hanane Darkaoui, and I Want to Love this Evening, by Latifa Labsir. The translated stories are published in the London-based Banipal Magazine of Modern Arab Literature, issue 44 (2012). This issue celebrates twelve Arab women writers, among which Moroccan writers Darkaoui and Labsir. For more information on the short stories, click here

Posted on 27/06/2012


Abderrahman Hassi, Lecturer of Management at Al Akhawayn's School of Business Administration, published a book entitled Recrutement, Accueil et Intégration des Etudiants Internationaux: Cas de l’Université du Québec (2012). The book is based on a consulting project carried out by Hassi for the University of Quebec with the aim of developing strategies for the recruitment and integration of international students in the workplace. For more information on the book, click here.

Posted on 25/06/2012


Nizar Messari was appointed new Dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences on June 25, 2012.  Messari earned a PhD in International Relations from the University of Miami, Florida, in 1998. He taught at Al Akhawayn University for two years; then at the Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio de Janeiro for over 8 years, where he served as professor and Associate Dean. He came back to Al Akhawayn University in 2010 where he has significantly contributed to the development of the International Studies program and served as Academic Coordinator. His main areas of study are Theories of International Relations and International Security. On both topics, he published, both in English and Portuguese, in peer-reviewed journals. He is co-author of two books on the theory of international relations.

Posted on 20/06/2012

algerian soccer team

Algerian soccer team Association Sportive Olympic Chlef are in residence at Al Akhawayn University from June 16 to July 4, 2012 preparing for the African Championship. Al Akhawayn sport facilities rate among the nation's best and provide good training conditions for athletes and teams.

Posted on 19/06/2012

Karim Moustaghfir-ifkad06

Karim Moustaghfir, Associate Professor of Human Resource Development at Al Akhawayn University, participated in the 2012 International Forum on Knowledge Asset Dynamics (IFKAD) organized on June 13-15, 2012, in Matera, Italy, in collaboration with the 5th Knowledge Cities World Summit. Moustaghfir, who is a member of the IFKAD Scientific Committee, presented a research paper entitled "Predicting Employees' Behavior - An Application of the Theory of Planned Behavior: The Case of the Moroccan Forestry Department". The paper is co-authored with Redouan Innan from the Moroccan Haut Commissariat aux Eaux et Forêts et à la Lutte Contre la Désertification. Moustaghfir also chaired a session on Knowledge Creation and Learning Organizations during the Forum. For more information, please visit

Posted on 19/06/2012