Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - Spotlights


AUI Hosts First Edition of "Morocco Code Cup"

In its efforts to sustain AUI's high-pitched label as a National Champion and leader in Computer Science, The School of Science and Engineering, in collaboration with the CS-Innov Students Club, is organizing the first edition of "Morocco Code Cup" (MCC'19). Partially sponsored by US-Oracle and SSE, MCC is a National Programming Competition gathering 25 best University (and Moroccan Olympiads of Informatics) programmers in Morocco. The 25 participating students were selected through a preliminary online Programming Contest. MCC will take place on May 11th and 12th, 2019.

SSE Faculty Coauthors Book on Gravity Energy Storage

A recently published book, Gravity Energy Storage, was coauthored by AUI faculty member Dr. Loudiyi and AUI alumna Dr. Asmae Berrada. The book provides a comprehensive analysis of a novel energy storage system that is based on the working principle of well-established, pumped hydro energy storage, but that also recognizes the differences and benefits of the new gravity system. This book provides coverage of the development, feasibility, design, performance, operation, and economics associated with the implementation of such storage technology. In addition, a number of modeling approaches are proposed as a solution to various difficulties, such as proper sizing, application, value and optimal design of the system. The book includes both technical and economic aspects to guide the realization of this storage system in the right direction. Finally, political considerations and barriers are addressed to complement this work.

The book can be found here:

Trip to Zawiya Ahansal

The field trip with undergraduate and graduate students of North African Politics and Government taught by Dr. Katja Žvan Elliott to Zawiya Ahansal was a complete success. In this three-day trip, students had a chance to learn about the rich political and religious history of the area, about the importance of Zawiyas in rural areas, and about the successful participatory development projects carried out by the Atlas Cultural Foundation. Students participated in the tutoring program for local children, talked to the Sheikh and women of the co-op, hiked a bunch, and much more. Thank you to Cloe Medina Erickson and Ismail Barda for organizing and for being great hosts, to Dr. Doris Gray and Smita Kumar for accompanying the group, to SHSS for funding part of the trip, and to Chakib and Farid for being amazing drivers. 

Lounnas on the Tunisian Jihad

Dr. Djallil Lounnas, Assistant Professor of International Studies at AUI, recently published a paper titled "The Tunisian Jihad: Between Al Qaeda and ISIS" in the journal Middle East Policy. The paper is based on extensive interviews with various ex jihadists, NGOs, officials, and Tunisian citizens from areas where young people were recruited to join radical organizations. It examines the origins as well as the trajectory of Radicalism in Tunisia. The paper explains how radical ideas spread into Tunisia after the Arab Spring and the dynamic of rivalry ensued between armed organizations linked to AL Qaeda and ISIS as well as the phenomenon of foreign fighters. A big thank you goes to Dr. Dr. Peter Borowsky, for editing the paper.

The paper can be found here:


Oumlil's Study Translated to Arabic

Dr. Kenza Oumlil, Assistant Professor of Communication and Gender at Al Akhawayn School of Humanities and Social Sciences, recently had her study of women's representation in Moroccan television talk shows translated from English to Arabic, by Al Jazeera Centre for Studies.

For more information on the study, please visit the following link: