Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - Spotlights


AUI's Dr. Bigliardi Participates in Conference

SHSS Professor Dr. Stefano Bigliardi presented his paper, “Alien Narratives in Li Hongzhi’s Writings: Threads, Twists, and Tasks” (April 15), in the Forum on Manifestations of Falun Gong Outside China that took place at the School of Philosophy in Wuhan University.

Dr. El Bernoussi Examines Global Perceptions of Dignity in the Faculty Brown Bag Series

In the fifth Faculty Brown Bag talk of the semester, SHSS Professor of International Relations, Dr. Zaynab El Bernoussi, delivered a lecture entitled: “Global Dignity? Implications for Paradigms of International Development and Globalization.”

Dr. El Bernoussi discussed her research efforts to define and quantify dignity, both intrinsically and extrinsically. Through a global development lens, Dr. El Bernoussi seeks to identify the implications of dignity in a globalizing world, and to delineate means of measuring dignity as a component of a country’s relative development.

Funded by the University, Dr. El Bernoussi’s research will be driven by responses to the following survey, open to the public:

AUI Teams Reach Finals in Moroccan Throne Cup Championship

This past Friday, April 14th, Al Akhawayn University teams competed in the Moroccan Throne Cup Championship hosted by University Sidi Med Ibn Abdellah in Fes. The AUI Women's Volleyball team, as well as the AUI Men's Volleyball and Basketball teams, reached their respective finals in this competition, a tremendous accomplishment for the University Athletics Program and all of the AUI players who contributed to their teams' success.

SHSS Professor Publishes Dictionary of Moroccan Arabic

AUI’s Dr. Abdellah Chekayri, along with Khalil Mgharfaoui and Abdelouhad Mabrour, recently published a dictionary of Moroccan Arabic written in middle Arabic, titled: The Dictionary of Moroccan Arabic. Dr. Chekayri will present the book (in both Arabic and English) in the Mohammed VI Library, on Wednesday, April 12th, at 5:30 PM.

The publication can be searched for as follows:
K. Mgharfaoui, Abdellah Chekayri, and Abdelouhad Mabrour, 2017. The Dictionary of Moroccan Arabic (written in the middle Arabic), La Fondation Zakoura, Casablanca.

Dr. Achibat on Political Communication in Morocco

Dr. Karim Achibat, a lecturer at Al Akhawayn Language Center, has recently published a book entitled Political Communication in Morocco: Unveiling the Rhetoric of Election Campaigns. Released by Nour Publishing, the book is available at the following link:

Political Communication in Morocco: Unveiling the Rhetoric of Election Campaigns addresses the interplay between political communication and national politics in Morocco. The book analyzes the nature, structure, and content of Moroccan political discourse, utilizing the 2011 legislative elections as a platform for examination. Adopting a critical approach to the study of political communication, this publication employs different complementary methodologies of data collection in communication studies: quantitative approach exemplified in survey research and qualitative approach illustrated in semi-structured interviews. The analysis and interpretations of the findings offer a set of recommendations on best practices of political campaigning in Morocco, shed light on how political parties’ communicative practices help change the political map, and help researchers better understand the political sphere in Morocco.