Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - Spotlights


Negotiating Identity: Subliminal Conditioning in Media Rhetoric

Last year, AUI's Dr. Zaynab El Bernoussi participated in the Herbert C. Kelman Seminar, an annual seminar that discusses international conflict resolution, and gave a lecture entitled "What is Dignity", which considered the role of Karama narratives during the 2011 Arab Spring uprisings in Egypt. This year's seminar will explore negotiations and conflicts as depicted in popular media during its 2017 iteration. Some of the topics that will be addressed include inequality's impact on domestic politics, U.S. / Russia relations, the impact of migration on global politics, and the intersections of Islam, democracy, and human rights. The discussions will be hosted by a series of experts, such as academics, representatives of the media, and political actors from different conflict regions. The Seminar will take place on November 13th on the Harvard University campus; it will be open to the public, though recordings will be made available to those unable to attend following the event's conclusion."


Turning the Page: New Ways of Teaching Arabic Reading

AUI's very own Dr. Abdellah Chekayri, SHSS Associate Professor of Arabic Linguistics, has been working on a compendium of new ways to approach teaching Arabic language and reading never before featured in a single location. Dr. Chekayri's work, entitled "Teaching Others to Read Arabic: New Approaches" ("Enseignement de la lecture en arabe: nouvelles approches"), includes a wide array of effective teaching perspectives developed by language specialists, and is meant to be a point of reference for those working in the field. The book is set to be released on November 15th.

QS Ranks Al Akhawayn #1 Moroccan University

The QS Arab Region University Rankings 2018, which recently became available, shows Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane as being the 44th best university in the MENA region. This ranking marks a significant increase from 2017, when AUI was ranked 51–60, and establishes the University as the best university in Morocco, the second being Casablanca’s Hassan II which placed 61–70.

Every year, Quacquareli Symonds (QS), a British company interested in evaluating the state of education worldwide, releases its QS World Universities Rankings—a review that ranks the best universities worldwide. QS’ ranking system takes into account a wide array of variables, from a university’s academic rigor/prestige, to that same school’s web impact. Though the QS World Universities Rankings analyzes where universities fall on a global scale, it also takes into account how they rank regionally. As such, they release one publication for global rankings, and one each for the Asia, Latin America, Emerging Europe, Central Asia, MENA, and BRICS regions.

Lounnas on the Islamic State and the Jihadist Groups

Dr. Djallil Lounnas, Assistant Professor of International Studies, spoke to specialists about the rise and fall of the Islamic state in the Maghreb, and about Jihadist groups' activities in the Sahel during Daech's collapse. Read the full articles here:

Politics of Dignity and its Violations

Zaynab El Bernoussi, Assistant Professor of International Studies, collaborates with a Harvard Professor during her Fulbright to explore the role karama (dignity) plays in both human and national relationships.