Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - Spotlights


SSE Professor’s Team Wins First Prize at the IEEE Spring School on Frugal Smart Cities

Dr. Bouchaib Falah, Associate Professor of Software Engineering, with his team participated in the first edition of the IEEE Spring School on Frugal Smart Cities. The team won first prize for their project, entitled “Casa Library,” which consisted of a mobile application that works as a living lab to promote Casablanca heritage and citizen engagement.
This edition of the event took place on May 19th, 2017 in Casablanca, and was organized by the Hassan II University of Casablanca TICDev Research Center in collaboration with Green TIC, the IEEE Smart Cities Initiative, Casablanca Events and Animation, and the 12cat Research Center of Spain.
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Catherine Bachleda Receives Emerald Publishing’s Outstanding Paper Award of 2017

Dr. Catherine Bachleda, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs and Associate Professor of Marketing and Management, has received the Outstanding Paper Award in the 2017 Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence for the paper entitled: Personality and Interest in the Visual Arts. Dr. Bachleda published the paper with AUI alumna, Asmae Bennani, in Arts and the Market, 6(2), 126-140.

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IEAPS Dean Publishes Paper in the Munich personal RePEc Archive (MPRA)

IEAPS professor Ahmed Driouchi and alumnus Tahar Harkat together published a research paper, entitled " Counting the NEETs for Countries with no or less Data, Using Information on Unemployment of Youth Aged 15-24: The Case of Arab Countries," in the Munich Personal Research Papers in Economics (RePEc) Archive.


The present paper focuses on the estimation of the NEET rate for countries that do have few or lack of data on this matter. Arab countries are selected for applying the empirical framework suggested for NEET data recovery. The attained results show that the outcomes from the framework adopted are not statistically and significantly different from the few data that exist already. These data can be used for monitoring and enriching economic and social policies targeting the inclusion of NEETs.

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IEAPS Dean Shares Analysis of the World Bank 2017 Memorandum about the Moroccan Economy

Dr. Ahmed Driouchi shared his reading and his understanding of what is "the heart" of the analysis and discussion contained in the World Bank 2017 Memorandum about the Moroccan economy. It is mainly related to the concept and application of Total Factor Productivity (TFP) that is well known to economists. TFP accounts, captures and reveals institutional and technological progress that has been accompanying a given economy over time.

As mentioned on this Presentation, TFP has been decreasing during the last years implying that more efforts need to be devoted to the components of the intangible wealth. This targets education and research besides social capital and institutional capital. For these components investments in human resources with continuous skill enhancement through dynamic updating of both regular and vocational education are keys for improving TFP.


AUI Alumna Develops MailQuantum Application

Mandine Zaynab, graduate of AUI’s Class of 2015, has recently developed a user-friendly email marketing application, MailQuantum, with the ITS company, Markanel. The app was launched on May 11th, 2017 and allows businesses, organizations, and individuals to create emails and monitor campaigns in real time. MailQuantum was designed to operate in a “software as service” model, thereby being accessible from all electronic devices.

To test the MailQuantum application for free and evaluate its features, please click on the following link: