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Dr. Therrien co-Edits a New Collective Book – Parenthood in Muslim Africa

Dr. Catherine Therrien (anthropologist at AUI) recently co-edited a collective book with Yazid Ben Hounet (anthropologist, Centre national de la Recherche Scientifique, France). This book, entitled Les parentalités en Afrique Musulmane explores different topics related to parenthood in Muslim Africa. Researchers from France, Morocco, and Algeria contributed to this publication.

You can get free access to the entire book here:

Dr. Benrqya Publishes on the Impact of Cross-docking on Retail Out of Stock

Yassine Benrqya, Assistant Professor of Supply Chain Management at the School of Business Administration, recently published a paper titled “An examination of the effects of cross-docking on retail out of stock,” in the International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management (IJRDM). The objective of this paper is to examine the impact of cross-docking on retail out of stock (OOS).  

International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management (IJRDM) is ranked by the Australian Business Deans Council (ABDC) Journal Quality List as an "A Journal". IJRDM has a CiteScore of 4.5 and an impact factor of 2.32.

Benrqya, Y. (2021), "An examination of the effects of cross-docking on retail out of stock", International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management 

AUI Student Elected to Represent UN MGCY

Al Akhawayn University congratulates student Nidal Benali who was recently appointed to represent the UN Major Group for Children and Youth (UN MGCY) as one of its Global Focal Point for Peace and Security. Benali is the first Moroccan under the age of 30 to be granted this diplomatic honor.

The UN MGCY provides a space for young people in the UN General Assembly. As its representative, Mr. Benali will work on issues of peace and security as it relates to youth specifically and has expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to represent both Morocco and AUI while working to increase youth engagement with this prestigious appointment.

Dr. Lounnas’s Paper on AQIM’s Decline in the Sahel

Dr. Djallil Lounnas, Assistant Professor of International Studies at AUI, recently published another paper titled "The Last emir?: AQIM's decline in the Sahel" in the Middle East Institute. Co-authored with Dr. Dalia Ghanem from the Carnegie Center, the paper looks at the consequences of the appointment of a new leader of the organization Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) and the possible reconfiguration of violence in the Sahel as a result of this. 


Here is the link:

Dr. Laayouni Participates in the 26th International Domain Decomposition Conference


Dr. Laayouni from the School of Science and Engineering recently participated in the 26th International Domain Decomposition Conference (DD XXVI) held virtually from Hong Kong on December 7-12, 2020.    

As part of a mini-symposium “New Developments of Domain Decomposition Methods: Non-Standard Methods and Applications,” AUI’s Dr. Laayouni gave a presentation titled “Computational Efficiency and Robustness of Algebraic Optimized Schwarz Methods: Promises and Challenges.”    

More details about the conference can be found here: