Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - Capstone



Senior Capstone II

The Senior Capstone consists of a major, individual, independent research ori­ented exercise or project each student undertakes during his/her final semes­ter. The aim of the Senior Capstone is to give students the opportunity to use the research tools and analytical skills they have acquired in their undergradu­ate courses, and to work creatively with the theories and concepts relevant to their field of study. The emphasis in the Senior Capstone is on student initia­tive. It is up to each student to come up with a research project. Students are encouraged to choose projects of particular interest to them. Students enrolled in the Senior Capstone meet in seminar fashion in order to discuss methodology, data collection and analysis, sources, and other issues relevant to their projects, and to exchange ideas with invited speakers.


The Best SHSS Senior Capstone Award

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS) at Al Akhawayn University is pleased to announce a competition for the best Senior Capstone every year. All senior students in any of the School’s three programs (Communication Studies, Human Resources Development and International Studies) who successfully completed their capstone research either in the Fall or the Spring are eligible.


Award process

• Students wishing to have their capstone paper considered for this distinguished award should contact their respective program coordinators.

• SHSS faculty may nominate a student’s final capstone paper to their respective program coordinators as well.

• Each of the three SHSS programs will nominate one best capstone for the year from their graduating seniors.

A panel of representatives from each SHSS program will select the best SHSS capstone from the three best program capstone papers. The criteria for selection will be as follows:

 1. research that is new to the field

 2. publishable quality

 3. quality of written English

 4. clarity of theoretical framework and analysis

 5. Adequate and innovative use of methodology

 6. significance of outcomes, findings, or conclusions

Award time line

• Final capstone papers will be nominated to each program coordinator by third week of May.

• Each program will select its best capstone paper from those nominated by fourth week of May.

• The panel of program representatives will select the best SHSS capstone paper by the beginning of the second week of summer semester. The winner will be announced immediately after selection.

• The award will be made at a SHSS wide event, including all faculty and students.

• A picture of the winner with description of the award will be placed on the SHSS “wall of fame” in the main entrance of Building 8 where it will be on display for at least five years.

• A letter of recommendation will also be placed in the student’s academic record file kept by the University.