Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - SHSS Graduate Handbook

Credit Transfers and Grades

Students who pass their courses (these should be pre-approved before departure from campus) may expect the credits to be transferred to AUI.

After receipt of an official transcript the OIP keeps a scanned copy and sends the original to the registrar’s office for processing.

After receipt of all required approvals from Deans and VPAA, transfer of credits is completed by the registrar’s Office where the earned credits are entered into the student Academic Record.

 The name of the institution attended, the title of the courses and the credits earned appear on the AUI official transcripts.


Passing grades and impact on CGPA/ Scholarship depends on GPA

A grade is considered passing according to the host intuition policy will be transferred to AUI, grades earned do not transfer and have no impact on the CGPA at AUI.

However students with scholarships must achieve grades equivalent to A’s and B’s in order to maintain their scholarships.

N.B Be sure to understand the grading system of the university you are attending

ECTS – European Credit Transfer System- : this system is a little bit different from the American system, adopted by Al Akhawayn University, in terms of grading. While both the American system and ECTS use letter grades, the value of these letter grade does differ from one system to another across Europe.





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Degree Audit

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