Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - Refunds




  • Students defending their thesis or capstones during the semester are allowed reimbursement of common fees on a prorated basis up to the day of their defense.
  • A student who withdraws from the University in accordance with official procedures is eligible for a refund of tuition fees after submitting an authenticated request showing his/her bank account information.

Tuition refunds

The final refund of the balance can only be done at the end of schooling after the graduation ceremony, at the conclusion of the final clearance procedures.

Tuition refunds are calculated according to the following schedule:

Refund Table for Fall/Spring Semester

  Prior to the first class day -for new students


  Prior to the first class day –for continuing


100% (deduction of non-

refundable 10000dhs

(following preregistration)


During the first five days of class


After the fifth day of class


After the tenth day of class


After the fifteenth day of class


After the twentieth day of class


Refund Table for Summer Session

Prior to the first class day


During the first five class days


After the fifth day of class


After the tenth day of class


Refunds for Room

Refunds will be prorated based on the time remaining.

Refunds for Fees and Books

No refund is made for these charges unless, in the case of books, it can be demonstrated that the   University incurred no expense.

Part time Job /Student Employment

No payment is made for any work or jobs done by students as part of their financial aid. The amount is instead credited to the student’s account with the university to defray fees and tuition costs.

Student employment wages for tutoring or other jobs not covered by financial aid are paid by wire transfer directly to the student or parents’ bank account, provided that the student is financially cleared.  

Medical Reimbursement

Medical reimbursements are processed through wire transfers or credited to the student account (statements of charges) and no cash requests are authorized afterwards.


Students wishing to withdraw from the University initiate the withdrawal process in the Registrar’s Office. The process is complete only when the form, bearing all required signatures (library, housing and business office) is returned to the Registrar’s Office. Students who officially or unofficially withdraw from the University while owing money to AUI will receive neither their academic transcripts nor their official documents until the debt has been settled in full.

a)Withdrawing during the semester
b)Withdrawing at the end of the semester

Final Clearance: (Clearance Form)
This is the last step that comes after the graduation. The clearance form is provided by the housing department. Only students with a cleared situation with the library, the housing department and the office of business services can get their diplomas. Students must send a recent photo to prepare their alumni cards.

Besides, students have to provide the OBS with their bank account certificate (RIB) or one’s of their parents in order to transfer the refund.

Note:  - the refund is not being sent if the student did not get his/her diploma.
         - Students can follow-up their refund processing on the portal.