Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - SHSS Graduate Handbook



Lost and Found Policy

Lost and found articles are brought by AUI community members to the security central in building 9. The goal of Lost & Found service is to ensure that all lost items are returned to their rightful owner in a timely and efficient manner.

  1. The procedures for dealing with lost and found articles are based on the necessity to record and control articles reported lost & found. The lost & found logbook is normally stating:


  • That he/she has provided all the information at his disposal, which could lead to a determination of the owner of the property
  • All items will be given a number, a description, the location and person who found it. This information must be logged into the logbook. The security staff must also enter his/her name as the person who is receiving the items for logging and storing purposes.


  1. All lost & found items must be handed over to the Security Central office in building 9 immediately.
  2. All items that are collected by the students or a named person must be signed for in the logbook both by the students and the person handling the inquiry.
  3.  All lost & found items should be kept in the Security Central for one week
  4. Non valuable items will be stored in the security Department’ storage in building 8.
  5. All valuable items will also be logged by the security staff; however, they will then be handed over to the Security Administration.
  6. Each item returned, its owner will be signed by the proper owner or official designee in lost & found logbook and identification is to be checked by the security staff.
  7. Lost and Found maintains lost and abandoned property as per the following retention schedule , while an effort is being made to identify the owner:


Retention Period

Non valuable property

1 Semester

Valuable property

1 Year


  • Valuable property after the retention timeframe has passed is routinely:

Sold at garage sell activity: The collected moneyis to be donated to charity associations (hand in hand, Azrou center...)

  • Non valuable property after the retention timeframe has passed shall be:

Disposed of by donation (to charity associations) or destruction


Campus Tour Policy

The Security Department is committed and is usually available during the arranged tour times to provide its support and assistance to the Department in charge of the organized campus tour.

 In order to assure the success of the campus tour to all visitors, the following guidelines are to be followed:

  • The department in charge of  the visit  should  inform the Security Department and provide the  following information:


  1. Date of the visit,
  2. Time of the visit,
  3. List of visitors’ names,
  4. Department in charge,
  5. Name and contact of the Person in charge of conducting the campus tour.


  • The visitor should be previously aware by the department in charge about the respect of the University rules.
  • The security Department needs to receive prior notification at least one week before visitors’ arrival
  • A maximum of 3 campus tours per day can be assisted by the Security Department at the following arranged times: From 10:00AM to 11:00PM / from 12:00PM to 1:00 PM from 2:30 PM to 3:30PM.
  • A maximum of 50 participants are acceptable for each campus tour.
  • As soon as the group of visitors arrived, the main gate informs the person in charge of the visit while the group is welcomed to have access to the University.
  • The security officer should provide his assistance to direct the group during the already programed itineraries; however, no information would be given by the security officer to the groups of visitors unless they request to do so.
  • No campus tours should be conducted by the Security officer without the effective presence of the University representative in charge of the scheduled visit.
  •  For non-expected visitors, the Dev. & Com. and Admission must be urgently notified in order to take appropriate decisions. However, during the weekends and days off the executive on duty must be notified.



Message of the Director

The AUI Security department’s mission is to provide a climate of security and tranquillity for the whole community of our prestigious institution and to ensure an open environment that is free from crime, fear and disorder where students and staff achieve their objectives successfully. Concerning the role and objectives of our Department, I can say that  Security Services is involved in almost all the university activities, its role is not limited to surveillance task, but, remain totally committed to crime prevention and  safety insurance . We believe that it is crucial to forge partnerships with all segments of AUI community to ensure absolute safety, life and properties protection and to create a positive image of the security department to be valued and respected at all times.

Our policies and procedures are geared to ensure a safe environment for all Al Akhawayn community members. We strive to maintain open and clear communication with students while assisting the administration, faculty, and staff in maintaining adherence to regulations.

Please remember that campus safety is everyone’s responsibility.

I cordially welcome to share all of your constructive suggestions for the continuous progress of AUI Security and Safety Department, and I do wish all good things go along with your wonderful endeavors.


Mission statement:

The mission of AUI Security Department is to foster feelings of safety and personal comfort in which to learn, live, work and grow. The AUI Security Department exists to serve the community by protecting individuals’ lives and properties, by preventing crimes, by enforcing the policies and regulations, and by maintaining order in the university. Serving the community is the primary security Department‘s mission. Security Department always strives to professionally and enthusiastically respond to the community's needs. Recognizing that the Department’s mission is best attained through training and community outreach, employees are collectively committed to establishing collaborative partnerships with individuals, groups and departments for the purpose of: Identifying and resolving safety and security concerns, educating the campus community in the delivery of safety and security services and delivering security services in a professional and respectful manner.



The Security Department is charged with first line responsibility to:

  • Assure the safety of persons, including university student, staff, faculty, university guests and on campus visitors.
  • Ensure the safety, security, and protection of AUI property, including buildings, grounds, equipment, and other assets of the university property located temporarily or permanently on AUI grounds.
  • Respond to emergency situations or conditions and provide assistance or take actions appropriate to the crisis situation within AUI legal limits.
  • Promote the wellbeing of the university community through the enforcement of university policies and regulations
  • Investigate and implement new techniques, strategies and means which will contribute to a more efficient and effective operation of security department.


Core Values: 

The Security Department embraces the following values for its members:

  • Integrity
  • Courtesy
  • Organizational climate of trust and respect
  • Healthy atmosphere that allows for innovation and a positive change in the delivery of quality public safety and security services
  • Professionalism
  • Self-importance
  • Confidence 

Vandalism & Fire



Destroying, damaging or defacing University property, other on-campus businesses or any other property is prohibited. AUI community members are liable for all damage they cause, whether intentionally or unintentionally, unless the damage is the result of a defect of the object damaged. Living in a forest environment and in housing mainly built with wood has its risks. Therefore, tampering with fire-safety equipment or sending a false fire alarm, carelessly igniting fire on University grounds or inside buildings is prohibited.

Fire risk:
The use or storage of candles, kerosene lamps, electric stoves, water pipes, and hotplates or other open-flame devices or combustible substances in residence halls or on University grounds without prior approval from Housing Services is strictly prohibited. Any reckless or intentional actions which could endanger the safety of oneself or others, or which result in physical harm to oneself or others or in damage to University property are prohibited.