Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - SHSS Graduate Handbook

Laundry and Housekeeping


Two laundry rooms are available on campus to satisfy the daily needs of students, staff and faculty. They, both, contain a several coin-operated washing and drying machines.
It takes almost 40 minutes to wash a 5-kilo load of clothes and 45 minutes to dry them. Tickets and detergent are available at the campus store.  
Laundry Token for both services (attended or unattended) cost 10 MAD.
Opening Hours

Laundry room of building 36
The laundry is open Tuesday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 07:00 p.m. closed on Saturday and open on  Sunday from 12:00 p.m. to 04:00 p.m.
Monday closed. 

Laundry room of building 39

Monday through Friday from 10:00a.m to 07:00p.m.       
Saturday from 12:00a.m to 04:00p.m. 
Sunday Closed 
Room cleaning is provided once a month free of charge. A schedule is prepared and posted on the bulletin board at the entrance of each building. Cleaning is an activity aimed at maintaining a clean university environment. It is by no means a complete maid service.


Directions to Campus & Maps

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Rules & Regulations


All the University faculty and staff are eligible to reside in the apartments provided by the University either on campus or off-campus depending on availability and applicant’s preferences.

Apartments are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. However, at present, because the demand for housing greatly exceeds the supply of available apartments, highest priority is given to newly hired faculty.


Rental fees

At the end of each month, rent is deducted from the resident’s salary by the university’s payroll office.



Annex Residents are responsible for paying their own utility bills during the term of the contract.

Hot water bill is automatically deducted from residents’ salary by the University Payroll Office. However, residents are responsible for paying the bill of cold water and electricity at the Business Office upon receipt of the bill.


Conditions of occupancy

  • The premises should be used for residential purposes and occupied by the resident (s) and family members only. In case of co-residents, permission must be obtained in advance.
  • University residents are responsible for the upkeep of the area outside of their apartments. Balconies and stairways are not to be used for hanging clothes or dusting rugs and carpets
  • Residents at the Annex are responsible for any damage, they or their family members, cause to their apartment or university property.
  • The resident (s) is responsible for any damage caused to the apartment, common areas or community grounds.
  • The Resident should not behave, or allow family members or guests to behave in a way that interferes with the comfort, safety, health, and welfare of other residents.
  • Residents are not allowed to make alterations to the apartment (construct lofts or mezzanines). Therefore, residents are solely responsible for any damage and personal injury resulting from such actions. The resident will be charged for restoring the premises to their original condition.
  •  Residents are not permitted to paint or wallpaper their own apartments. The resident will be charged to restore the unit to its original condition.
  • Faculty apartments are repainted every five years. However, paint touch up work is performed when necessary.


At check-in period, tenants must sign a check-in form where they note any damage not mentioned in the form. Once a resident gets his/her apartment keys, he/she is requested to check the assigned apartment and list any missing or damaged items. The list must be submitted to the Housing Coordinator within 48 hours in order to act accordingly.  It is very important for future residents to check the status of the apartment before signing the form. Signing the form means acceptance of the apartment in its current condition.


Upon termination the contract, residents are requested to contact Housing Services to schedule a check-out time  to do a walk through the apartment to inspect for damages and/or any discrepancies between the apartment’s condition at check-out and check-in time.

  •  The apartment will not be officially vacated until all belonging are removed, premises are inspected, and keys are returned to Housing Services.
  • Upon termination of the contract, the resident should leave the premises in as a good of a condition as the day of check in.
  • The University will deduct the cost of any replacement, repaired work, or cleaning from the monthly salary of the resident before the clearance is issued.


Contract Termination

The University has the right to immediately terminate the contract of anyone who, in the judgment of the University, represents an imminent threat to the health or safety of University employees or other University constituents.


Access to Apartments by University Staff

The University‘s authorized representatives may enter all University housing units with a master key during emergency situations (i.e., fire or broken pipe).

When regular maintenance or renovation work is warranted, residents are notified at  least 24 hour in advance. In case the tenants are not present, an entry notice is left  by the university officer who supervised the work.



The University is not responsible for the loss or damage of any of the residents’ or their guests’ personal property, unless it can be established that the damage is caused by an authorized university personnel. Residents are encouraged to take out insurance on their personal property.



All residents will be issued keys on move-in day. In case of loss of the keys, the resident should immediately inform the housing officer at the Annex for a key/lock replacement. (Residents will be charged for the cost of lock and key replacement). Residents do not have the right to change the lock or duplicate the key.



The playground is designed for children aged between 3 and 12 years old. 
No supervision is provided in the playground. Thus, kids should be instructed to be careful using playground equipment and behave.


Pet Policy

Pet owner should understand that it is their sole responsibility to control their pets so they do not become a nuisance or danger to neighbors or the University community.

The following rules were devised in order to respect the rights of all members of the community as well as their health and safety.

·     All dogs must be kept on a leash whenever they are taken outside,

·     There is no designated off-leash area at the Annex,

·     All pets must be properly vaccinated,

·     All dogs must be trained not to leap, chase, or bark and growl at people,

·     Dog owners are responsible for cleaning after their dogs,

·     Dogs who bark at night should be muzzled or otherwise trained not to do so.

·     Stray animals should not be fed.



The residents are requested to put their garbage in a sealed plastic bag and then place it in the big green trash can located outside the building. 


If the resident abandons the premises, any personal property left behind shall be transferred to the University. The University shall have the right to dispose of them in any way it sees fit


Hallways and Stairwells

All common spaces (hallways and areas under the stairs) where water and electricity meters are located must be free of all obstructions (bicycles, gas cylinders and boxes). This will allow safe and easy access for Meter readers and to our Maintenance crew in case of emergency.


N.B.  The University reserves the right to make further rules and regulations, as, in its judgment may be necessary for the safety, care and the preservation of safety and security. The residents should abide by such additional rules and regulations which are adopted.