Security Services

Central Service


The Security Central is responsible for the following:

Emergency Services

The security central provides the community with 24/7 emergency support throughout responding to the emergency number 2222. In the event of a serious incident, timely notification calls are made and appropriate security measures are taken:

  •  Informs the first responders team so that they can take the necessary steps and provide feedback about  the reported case.
  •  Identifies the various types of security measures that are available and can be deployed to achieve the desired level of safety and protection relative to the targeted assets.
  • Directs patrolling security officers to attend incidents and help co-ordinate situations with the Supervisor.

The Security central automatically notifies the appropriate department or authority (police, fire brigade, emergency medical services “ambulance”


24 Hour Video Monitoring

The security central provides around the clock video surveillance and recording keeping a Constant Eye on campus. A video surveillance system can protect the community members, and serve as a visible, active deterrent for unwanted activity, reducing vandalism, theft, and false accident claims.


Alarm Monitoring

The Security Center is connected to fire alarm system and to emergency phone

 Alarm monitoring in addition to parking facilities that are red emergency push buttons called alarms.


Lost & found

Lost and found articles are brought by AUI community members to the security central in building 9 . The security central mediates to give all found items to its owner. The procedures for dealing with lost and found articles are based on the necessity to record and control articles reported lost & found.