Security Services

Vandalism & Fire



Destroying, damaging or defacing University property, other on-campus businesses or any other property is prohibited. AUI community members are liable for all damage they cause, whether intentionally or unintentionally, unless the damage is the result of a defect of the object damaged. Living in a forest environment and in housing mainly built with wood has its risks. Therefore, tampering with fire-safety equipment or sending a false fire alarm, carelessly igniting fire on University grounds or inside buildings is prohibited.

Fire risk:
The use or storage of candles, kerosene lamps, electric stoves, water pipes, and hotplates or other open-flame devices or combustible substances in residence halls or on University grounds without prior approval from Housing Services is strictly prohibited. Any reckless or intentional actions which could endanger the safety of oneself or others, or which result in physical harm to oneself or others or in damage to University property are prohibited.