Security Services

IT & Electronics


Laptop computers and small electronic devices.
Theft of laptop computers and small electronic devices from campus buildings and offices continues to be a serious problem at the University. Laptop computers and small electronics are highly susceptible to theft because of their size and portability. In fact, laptop computers and small electronics usually disappear without any sign of forced entry, and they are most likely to be stolen during a semester or holiday break.
Students should be responsible of their electronic items. The University will not reimburse for the loss of a laptop or other portable electronic device.
 Faculty and staff in possession of University owned electronic devices are responsible for the protection of that equipment from theft or damage. The high value and portability of laptop computers make them particularly susceptible to theft and require the highest degree of care. Reimbursement for a stolen University laptop computer or other small electronic device will only be considered if the laptop computer or electronic device is taken from a locked desk, closet, or office, the item was stored in secure place and there are signs of forced entry (i.e. burglary).