Security Services

Drugs & Alcohol


  • It is strictly prohibited to possess, manufacture, use, sell or distribute illegal drugs or alcoholic substances or any other intoxicating substance on all university grounds. Same applies to persons found in a state of drunkenness or intoxication on university grounds.


  • The University reserves the right to search rooms and belongings to enforce its regulations using sniffer dogs if necessary.


  • Students suspected of drug use may be asked to submit to drug tests. Refusing an inspection or refusing to submit to these tests will be construed as admission of guilt and the AUI community member is then subject to disciplinary action. However, the University offers counseling and medical services to AUI Community who has an addiction problem and wishes to seek help. Confidentiality and full assistance are guaranteed to those who request it. University security and housing staff are entrusted with the task of ascertaining whether AUI community members are complying with acceptable standards in this respect and of reporting any violations.