Security Services

Driving Policy


In order to ensure the safety of AUI Community, and to maintain a peaceful environment within the campus, all drivers-students, faculty, staff and visitors, should abide by the following access and driving policy:

  • Pedestrians Have Absolute Priority On The Inner Roads Of The Campus.
  • All Cars Have To Be Registered With Campus Security
  • On-Campus Speed Limit Is 25 Km/Hour.
  • Drivers Are Not Allowed To Use Car Horns Within The Campus.
  • Polluting, Noisy Vehicles Or Vehicles That May Represent Danger To Residents Are Not Allowed On Campus.
  • Parking In Restricted Areas
  • Parking On Grass / Walkways
  • Non Respect Of The Specific Parking Lots Category


Parking lots:

To better manage the increasing need to parking services on campus while taking into consideration the enhancement of the quality of this offered facility; Akhawayn University has recently managed 2 parking lots for  AUI community:  Parking lot near building 39 and parking lot behind building 7. 

Hereafter the parking policy with last update:

  • The main parking lot (1) is used by staff, non-resident students, and visitors as well as for Deans, faculties and Directors in the faculty parking is full.
  • Parking lot located near building 12, is used for vehicles which are going to park more than 24 hours and is considered as an extension for both parking lot 1 and the one located near building 38 and 39.
  • The Faculty parking lot behind building 7 is used for Deans, Faculty members and directors. As the parking places are limited to 47 places only, if it is found that this parking is full, they are called to use parking lot “1”.
  • Parking lot located near building 38 & 39 & 27, is used by all students’ residents.


 Access to residential or academic areas

  • Access to residential or academic areas is denied to all vehicles at all-time except for the following special cases:   
    • Doctors are given the right to have access to residential area during emergency situations. The same goes for the ambulance and the sick persons who are allowed to the health center.
    • For the commercial vehicles of the university the access will be granted to them in case of need. For the vehicles of deliveries, the access will be granted to them for duration of quarter of an hour for every delivery.
    • Access to residential area is totally forbidden after 10:00 pm for all AUI vehicles. To intervene in this zone after 10:00pm, the security supervisor must use the electrical car only.
    • In case of carrying luggage the driver (student, staff, faculty, guest or visitor) should be connected by the security officer at the roundabout 1 or call at 2222 to be assisted. A shuttle van will be made also available in the parking lot in order to assist AUI community in carrying luggage to their residential buildings.
    • Access to athletic area is permitted every day from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. outside these hours; traffic in this area is subject to restriction according to the internal rules of the university.
    • In addition, the use of bicycles, roller skates or similar devices on University grounds is prohibited except in areas specifically designated.


  • Violation of AUI’s driving rules may result of payment of a 200 MDs fine.
  • Failure to pay the fine will lead to the vehicle being banned from the campus.
  • Repeated violations of the same regulations may lead to disciplinary action.
  • The University reserves the right to deny campus access for contravening vehicles until payment of any incurred penalties.
  • Members of the community are responsible for the behavior of their guests.
  • Violations will be communicated to the violator within the working days following the day it was recorded.