Security Services

Crime Prevention

Reducing the Risk of Crime:

  • Your rooms /apartments are locked at all times when you are away.
  •  Security Personnel conduct periodic life safety and security walk-through rounds.
  •  Safety & Security officers conduct walk-through patrols of academic buildings.
  •  A network of emergency phones is available with SG throughout the campus area

Plan to be safe
In addition to being aware of your surroundings, active advanced planning can enhance your overall safety and minimize risk – PLAN TO BE SAFE.
PLAN TO BE SAFE is an active process that anticipates potentially harmful situations and prepares your response to such events. For example, if you plan on attending an off-campus social gathering, think through what could happen and establish your individual tolerances and response strategy.
PLAN TO BE SAFE also includes thinking through what you would do in an unexpected violent event. Although you may receive direction from an official authority, specific actions and steps you take remain your individual responsibility.
The University has likewise taken many steps to help assure a safe campus.

Personal safety in walking:

  • Avoid isolated areas
  • Walks in groups at night
  •  Select clothing that will not impede you from walking
  •  Use the Bus Shuttle
  •  Report any suspicious persons or activities; report all incidents no matter how minor

If you’re followed:

  •  Look at the person you suspect is following you
  • Change direction
  • Go into a public place or campus building
  • Report any suspicious persons or activities; report all incidents no matter how minor


  •  Select well-travelled roads. If you choose to run off-campus, we recommend staying close to the university, and always in areas where you would be able to seek aid in the event of trouble. Stay close to areas where you could go into a public place for protection or to call security.