School of Business Administration

Master of Science in Digital Marketing and Analytics


Program Overview

The Master of Science in Digital Marketing and Analytics (MSDMA) is a graduate degree program that provides a real-world understanding of the main pillars around the employment of a digital marketing strategy and how an active strategic vision can convey substantial value to corporations. The MSDMA provides students with the necessary knowledge, concepts, and tools in digital marketing to enable them to develop and implement digital marketing strategies, support the digital transformation of companies and analyze digital data for decision making.


Market demands

Today the market demands an inventive approach that provides a profound understanding of how an added value can be created in the digital world.  Proficiency in Digital Business Simulations is crucial to confront digital transformation and start generating state-of-the-art strategies for firms. 


Career Opportunities

Digitalization is radically changing the way the world conduct business and it is here to last. Digital Marketing is gaining ground on traditional marketing channels and opens the doors on a large spectrum of career opportunities.  With the MSDMA our graduates are equipped to unleash the value embedded in an insight-driven market and to lead successful marketing strategies.


Intended Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the MSDMA, students will be able to:  

  • Demonstrate a conceptual understanding of digital marketing ethics.
  • Develop and apply effective marketing analytical methods to access existing data and information and to articulate complex information focused on basic insight and experience
  • Demonstrate the systematic awareness and understanding of current digital marketing, analytic, and practice in a global context.

Target students

Graduates of Moroccan and International academic institutions with a Bachelor's or Master’s degree or equivalent diploma.