Recognizing that higher education is intimately linked to scientific research, AUI cultivates the complementary relationship between these two activities, which are vital to the national and international goals of the University. The University directly supports faculty research through such means as the University Research Grants and the Presidential Innovation Fund, and also encourages faculty to apply for national and international research grants. The University also promotes graduate and undergraduate research, which is an important part of the Liberal Arts model, and encourages students to become active partners in the educational process. Further, AUI has established research centers which actively contribute to the mastery of knowledge and of new technologies, emphasizing scientific research in areas of strategic importance. These centers, in coordination with other educational units of the University, and in collaboration with other national and international institutions, generally address problems of a multidisciplinary nature. They establish organic links with different sectors of the national economy and, on the basis of research contracts, undertake productive applied research. Given their flexibility and their full integration with the different programs, the research centers provide teachers, researchers, and students of diverse backgrounds with the opportunity to work together on projects of common interest. The University is proud of its faculty and student research, which contributes to scientific and educational advancements at both national and international levels.