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Enrollment Certificate

Enrollment Certificates

Enrollment certificates are official documents attesting that a student is officially enrolled at AUI. Enrollment certificate requests are processed by Enrollment Services following the last day of late registration. The University will not certify a student’s enrollment prior to the 4th class day of a regular term nor prior to the 2nd class day of a summer session. Neither will it certify a student’s enrollment if the student has “preregistered.”

Signed Enrollment Certificates are available online for students enrolled in a current semester and who are financially clear. Some administrations may require the University stamp, if needed, students are required to stop by the Office of the Registrar in order to get their certificates stamped.

Enrollment Certificate request forms can be used ONLY once a semester ends, by students who are not enrolled or for special requests. There is no fee for the first certificate. Duplicate certificates are available from Enrollment Services for 20 MDH each. There will be an added 5 MDH charge for FAX or normal mailing requests within Morocco. Requests for Enrollment Certificates are processed within two working days of receipt by Enrollment Services. Urgent requests may be processed the same day for a fee of 50 MDH.

Enrollment Certificate Form