Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - Communication Services





The Creative Services

The Department of Department and Communication is responsible for the University’s image in print, graphic identity, visual standards, and the quality control of its publications. Our duty is to respond to and follow-up on every request while still abiding by the University brand identity guidelines. 

Projects by type:

  • Business card, stamp, invitation, Bulletin Board, GoAd Screen, Folder
  • Logo, Branded Merchandise / Promotional Product Design, Banner, Roll-Up, Billboard, Social Media Visual
  • Brochure, Flyer/Leaflet
  • Book - Catalogue - Planner – Calendar



The Department of Development and Communication provides the internal and external stakeholders with information about Al Akhwawayn University events that have taken or will take place and the accomplishments/ activities of AUI student, Faculty and staff members.

  • Spotlight
  • News Article
  • Press Release


Web Design & Development – paid and/or free service

Department of Development and Communication ensures that the content of the AUI website complies with the University mission, graphic charter, and editorial guidelines.

Our Services:

  • Content Update
  • Page Creation
  • Microsite Creation
  • Outsourcing Consultation


Information Dissemination – free service

The Department of Development and Communication disseminates news and many accomplishment and activities to keep internal and external stockholders informed and encourage a fluid information flow around newsworthy topics.

  • E-Mailing,
  • GoAd (on AUI screens),
  • Facebook Post
  • Instagram post
  • Twitter Post
  • LinkedIn Post
  • Website Homepage


Event Management – paid and/or free service

Al Akhawayn University offers a variety of quality facilities and Services in a number of different locations suitable for meetings, conferences, receptions and other events. The Department of Development and Communication will assist in the following:

  • Planning (Program, Communication, Catering, Housing, Transportation)
  • Standard Gift Packages, VIP Gift Packages
  • Local Event Coverage (Photography, & Video)
  • Media coverage


Advertising – Paid

The Department of Development and Communication is responsible for the design and the production and/or pre-approval (prior to production) of all paid external communications, including all student recruitment and fundraising publications.

  • Facebook, Instagram Twitter, LinkedIn
  • TV, Radio - Print Media - Web Advertising


Media Relations – (Free / Paid)

The Department of Development and Communication provides the media with a convenient way to find out more information about Al Akhawayn University, its mission is to ensure that the image of the University, including its administrators, faculty, staff, and students, is accurately and positively portrayed in the public and news media, and to develop, using mass communications, public understanding of Al Akhawayn University programs, activities and events.

  • Press Conferences
  • Printed Newspapers
  • Digital Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • TV/Radio
  • Face to Face Interview
  • Written Interview