“Change Brings Opportunities for Success” Ahmet C. Bozer, President of the Eurasia and Africa Group of The Coca-Cola Company Visits Al Akhawayn and Addresses Students


Ifrane, October 12, 2011 – International business leader Ahmet C. Bozer, the Coca-Cola company’s president for Africa and Eurasia, visited Ifrane on October 11, 2011, to address Akhawayn students as part of the 2011 Presidential Lectures on Globalization series held at the University’s campus in Ifrane.

“The world today is at a crossroads,” said Bozer, as he shared his insights into the vast array of opportunities available in our globalized world. He spoke in depth about the multitude of communications media the world has developed, and the intermingling exchanges that drive the increasingly free and quick flow of information directly to individuals and audiences with shared interests. Bozer also discussed the interplay between innovation, entrepreneurship, and globalization, as well as Coca-Cola’s long-lasting core business values that frame the legendary 125-year-old company’s success. Bozer also reflected on his own life trajectory, replete with personal anecdotes and stories of how he entered the business world.


As president of the Eurasia and Africa Group of The Coca-Cola Company, Ahmet Bozer leads the Coca-Cola’s business activities in over 90 countries. Headquartered in Istanbul, the group consists of eight business units, covering Turkey, the Middle East, the Russia-Ukraine-Belarus region, Southeastern Eurasia, India and Southwest Asia, North and West Africa, East and Central Africa, and South Africa. His full biography can be viewed here.

In his address to the University community, Bozer advised Al Akhawayn students to “explore the many different ways you can approach and effect change in the world, and always look for opportunity. Focus on your strengths.”

“You, here at Al Akhawayn, have a remarkably broad perspective, which will serve you well whatever your profession becomes or how your working lives develop. You ought to strive to be connected with as many people and institutions as you can. See change as an opportunity that leads to innovation, without losing sight of your own core values, your faith, and the optimism and confidence of your own inner potential.”

Bozer’s visit to Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane was a key part of his trip to Morocco, and this was his first visit to the country. “I look forward to coming back to your beautiful country soon,” he said to a student following his presentation.

Ahmet Bozer’s Presidential Lecture on Globalization at Al Akhawayn was capped by the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the University, the Coca-Cola Eurasia and Africa Group, and the Morocco office of the Coca-Cola Export Corporation. The MOU outlines collaboration on student internships, research projects, and joint development of field-based case studies, business conferences, and more.

On signing the MOU for Coca-Cola, Bozer reflected on the Coca-Cola Company’s long-standing commitment to education and its interest in academia, which he said is a tremendous source of innovation and talent that merges theory and practice. “This partnership is important to The Coca-Cola Company in a changing world where business is no longer about selling a good product or offering a good service with a good price.”

“People no longer judge us by what we do, but rather by who we are,” he emphasized.

The Al Akhawayn University Presidential Lectures and Fellowships address global issues from various perspectives. In particular, visiting lecturers and fellows discuss with Al Akhawayn students, faculty, and staff the myriad ways in which economic development and dynamically changing cultural identities, especially as a result of evolving new technologies, are redefining forms of global culture.

Ahmet Bozer was the third speaker in the series, following Tim Sparapani, Director of Public Policy at Facebook, and Eugene Rogan, Director of the Middle East Center at Oxford University. For a complete schedule of upcoming lectures in the series, and other events and programs at Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, please consult www.aui.ma frequently.