Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - Al Akhawayn Students Keep Abreast of the Latest Job Market Requirements

Al Akhawayn Students Keep Abreast of the Latest Job Market Requirements

Ifrane, October 6, 2011 – Business specialists and experts in human resources addressed Al Akhawayn students during an talk entitled “Building a Successful Career: The Role of Emotional Intelligence,” held on campus on October 5, 2011, and organized by the Department of Development and Communication’s Office of Career Services.

“Today’s world is seeing ongoing changes in economics, technology, society, and more; but it is mostly in industry and commerce where the essence of productivity and performance can be most clearly measured – especially the quality of service. And that level of service can only be delivered with the appropriate and best-quality human capital,” said Hamza El Hajoui, Director of Human Capital at the Groupe Caisse de Dépot et de Gestion.

El Hajoui went on to explain the importance of “emotional intelligence” in today’s dynamic job market, saying that “human capital is the central focus within a complex business environment where emotional intelligence plays a key role in addressing such complexity, It is essential in assisting organizations to manage within their constraints and to optimize their existing human capital and future requirements.”

Joining El Hajoui at the event, Hamza Amor, president of the business intelligence firm Amorsys, focused on the unique characteristics and qualities of Al Akhawayn University graduates entering the job market. He drew on the example of three Al Akhawayn alumni working at his company, and said that “Al Akhawayn graduates display high emotional intelligence, which is a vital asset closely related to the leadership and life skills they gain during their education at Al Akhawayn University.”

The talk was followed by a mock interview session, which allowed students to test their skills and equip themselves for successful careers in the world.