Moroccan-Jews and Muslims meet at Al Akhawayn University to Celebrate Morocco’s Values of Tolerance and Co-existence, as best embodied by the Late King His Majesty Mohamed V


Ifrane, September 22, 2011 – Within the framework of student activities at Al Akhawayn University, the student-run Mimouna Club organized from September 20-23 its annual event, the Moroccan-Jewish Days, under the theme “Mohamed V, Righteous among Nations” in collaboration with the Moroccan-Jewish Museum in Casablanca and the youth association KIVUNIM interested in learning about the world through cultural programs.

The event drew on several interested individuals and prominent members of the Moroccan-Jewish community, such as Mr. André Azoulay, Advisor to His Majesty King Mohammed VI; Mr. Serge Berdugo, Moroccan politician; and Simon Levy, Director of the Moroccan Jewish Museum of Casablanca.

During the presentations, some speakers addressed the holocaust, drawing the background against which the Late King His Majesty Mohamed V took bold decisions to protect Moroccan citizens, regardless of their faith. The event celebrated Morocco’s Moroccan-Jewish cultural heritage, which contributes to the overall richness of the Moroccan culture.


True to its mission, Al Akhawayn University remains a crossroads for open academic dialogue and debate in all disciplines, thus encouraging the exchange of ideas liable to contribute to the understanding of the other and to the pursuit of knowledge.

For more details and for reference, please read the coverage of this story in Maghreb Arab Press and in the Moroccan daily newspaper, L’Opinion.