SSE professors in partnership with other Moroccan universities on a research project studying sustainability and energy management for green buildings



Professor. Abdelghani El Asli, Professor Hassan Darhmaoui, and Engineer Rachid El-Ghoul from the School of Science and Engineering at AUI are partnering with colleagues from other Moroccan universities in a project titled "Prediction PLANing and Energy Performance management in green buildings – PPlaME.” The project will be completed in the span of two years, and it boasts the participation of faculty members from the School of Architecture Planning and Design, Benguerir (SAPD-UM6P); the Faculty of Sciences Semlalia (FSSM-UCA) and the Faculty of Sciences and Techniques (FSSM-UCA) at Cadi Ayyad University Marrakesh (FSTM-UCA); Green Energy Park, Benguerir (GEP); and Coimbra University Portugal (ADAI-UC).  

The goal of this research project is to help advance the transition toward an innovative energy system by developing more energy-efficient solutions, improving new technologies, and suggesting a plan to better manage the performance of various energy-efficient practices. In addition, an expected outcome of the project is to set a plan that supports sustainable energy usage and delivers on the key objectives of energy management and development. The findings of this research will also offer suggestions on how to implement energy efficiency in the planning stage, reducing environment impact as well as predicting of building quality (based on efficiency and comfort). This project establishes a roadmap to define the most effective materials (considering that materials from natural resources are energy-efficient) from identified bases and classified resources vis-à-vis the recorded extreme, harsh climatic conditions in Benguerir and Ifrane. In conclusion, this research applies efficiency and sustainability approaches to mechanisms of management.