Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - Entrepreneurship Class Makes Ifrane the Premier College Town in Morocco

Entrepreneurship Class Makes Ifrane the Premier College Town in Morocco

This summer, AUI's Entrepreneurship Class took the challenge to 
Make Ifrane the Premier College Town in Morocco by launching seven businesses online and creating business design plans with EuroMed Fes student architects for an additional five innovative businesses that offer fun activities to college students, only a short walk from the main campus.
The SBA also hosted 3 Casablanca investors on campus to hear the students pitch their business ideas live. The investors spent two days listening to pitches and carefully chose two businesses to invest in Sweet Trees - an innovative, unique cafe amidst set in treehouses around the lake created by Fatima-Zahra Laabou; and HomeCraft - a creative crocheting business that creates customized products for students and faculty, plus gives lessons, launched online by Mohammed el Alami Mchachti and Nada El Madani.
Investors M'Hamed Chraibi, AUI Alumni 2003 and Mohamed Berrada listen to pitches from winner Mohammed el Alami Mchachti, founder of the online crocheting business (his partner Nada is remote on the computer) in the Entrepreneurship Creation Space.
Investors M'Hamed Chraibi, AUI Alumni 2003, Mohamed Berrada and Amal Alami join Fatima-Zahra Laabou, creator of the Sweet Trees concept of a treehouse cafe, as she shares the architect's drawings of her unique business concept - a cafe in the trees by the lake, near campus.
The other physical businesses that also competed were: Paragliding, Outdoor Cinema, Live Music Hall with Karaoke, and a Gaming Parlor
PICTURE of CINEMA FOR IFRANE business idea by Khouloud Ballagh with REFLECTING MIRRORS TO be pleasing and enhance the surroundings. Her plans include underground auditoriums to keep the beauty of the landscape unspoiled.
The additional online businesses that also competed were: Paintball, MyAtheena online art, CollegeGood online athletic equipment, Unica custom shirts, Fit-Shape coaching for fun, and DorfMiam! meat products. 
One SBA student explained the summer's semester being an entrepreneur like this: "I always thought it would be hard to start a business", one student explained, "but after taking the class, we registered as auto-entrepreneurs and launched our websites in 14 days.  I got 3 orders. It is an amazing feeling when you collect your first money from your own idea that you see come to life in just a few days. I have made a profit in one month! I want to continue the business even after the class ends - and my career will definitely be as an entrepreneur! " she said. 
SBA is grateful to the guest investors and to Salma Annasse, SBA Class of 2018, who is completing her Master's Degree in Architecture at EuroMed and brought the architecture student team to partner with the SBA students and make their summer entrepreneurship startup business plans come to life for investors - and the city of Ifrane!