Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - ASI Students Climb North Africa’s Highest Peak

ASI Students Climb North Africa’s Highest Peak

Within the framework of their senior project, eight Al Akhawayn School senior students, accompanied by two ASI teachers and one AUI faculty member, hiked through the beautiful Atlas Mountains to reach the peak of Mount Toubkal.

The students traveled on May 31st to embark on a three-day journey to North Africa’s highest point – Mt Toubkal (4,167 meters). The group was able to reach the peak on Wednesday, June 2nd, with a total of 20 hours of hiking over two days.

Students were able to finance their trip through fundraising events such as movie nights, garage sales, field days, among other events, since September 2020. The trip goals were numerous, but the main objective was for the graduating class to work together, understand teamwork, cohesion, help one another, and adapt to new challenges. This project stems from the main ethos of ASI which consists of graduating lifelong learners.