Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - SHSS Faculty Explores Students’ Transformational Journey through Mindfulness

SHSS Faculty Explores Students’ Transformational Journey through Mindfulness



Dr. Smita Kumar, Assistant Professor at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences recently published an article based on the mindfulness course taught at Al Akhawayn University for the past three years.


This study examines how students experienced and made meaning of a novel academic course in mindfulness offered in Fall 2018 at AUI. The findings of this study suggest that the course allowed students to develop deeper self-awareness, greater well-being, compassion, and wisdom and to experience profound transformation. The study suggests that gaining metacognitive awareness into causes of suffering led students to engage in change. Also, as students engaged in mindfulness practices, they drew connections with their religious and spiritual practices, deepening the understanding of cultural–spiritual perspectives on transformative learning.


This 16-week course comprised in-class guided meditation, a daily personal practice of sitting in silence for 80 breaths, a weekly critical reflective journal, art activities such as weekly hand embroidery classes, gardening, a mindfulness retreat, and other practices. A multidisciplinary approach explored readings from contemplative traditions, neuroscience, psychology, education, business, spirituality, and religion.


The study can be accessed here: