Congratulations to AUI Student Youssef Lahbiel for his Achievement in Model United Nations Online Conference

AUI student Youssef Lahbiel recently received an honorable mention for his participation in the International Model United Nations (IMUN) online conference 37.0. He was also recognized for his participation in the Asia Africa International Model United Nations (AAIMUN) online conference. Youssef has been named the official IMUN campus ambassador for AUI. 
The IMUN Online Conference 37.0 is a United Nations simulation that aims to train participants in international negotiation. These simulations seek to promote human rights as well as to teach students skills in diplomacy and international relations. Participants must research countries and international issues to find solutions to global problems. Students take on the role of ambassadors and foreign ministers while participating in simulations of international sections of the UN.  
AAIMUN is a platform organized by International Global Network (IGN) for youth to gain skills in leadership, negotiation, and diplomacy. The goal of AAIMUN is to engage youth leaders from all over the world and to provide a platform to share perspectives and opinions in solving world issues.