Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - President Bensaid welcomes participants of the Fourth Winter University for Moroccans Living Abroad from Dakhla

President Bensaid welcomes participants of the Fourth Winter University for Moroccans Living Abroad from Dakhla

Organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Moroccans Living Abroad in partnership with Al Akhawayn University, this application-based conference brings young Moroccans living abroad together once a year was held online due to this year’s special conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic.  The objective is to partner with these Moroccan citizens with respect to the richness of their dual culture and work together to better prepare for the associated challenges of the 21st century.


Al Akhawayn University, along with the Ministry in charge of Moroccans Living Abroad, decided to launch this 4th edition of the Winter University from Dakhla to proudly contribute to re-affirming the Moroccan territorial integrity, with pride and engagement. 


“We are very happy to be partners again in this Winter University under the theme “Living Together.”   For AUI, “Living Together” is not only a prerequisite to the emotional and behavioral intelligence AUI seeks to achieve with our students, but it is also part of AUI’s DNA as stipulated in the Founding Dahir for AUI.  It is the balance between identity and openness that we endeavor to promote in a learning-by-doing approach through student clubs such as the Islamic arts and Culture Club, the Inter-faith Alliance, the Mimouna Club, and through the many international clubs such as the Japanese, German, Spanish clubs, and many more.  We hope our experience in pursuit of this balance will prove useful for our young Moroccans abroad.” Said President Bensaid.”   


This Winter University was an opportunity for young Moroccans living abroad to get better acquainted with the Moroccan model based on an approach which encourages them to discover other cultures, capitalizing on their special dual background to strengthen the values of living together, mutual respect, and allows them to get a clear up-to-date idea of the Moroccan value system.  


The opening remarks of this 4th edition of the winter university were presented remotely by the communications engineer and the Moroccan scientist from NASA, Dr. Kamal Oudrhiri, the Keynote speaker of this year. 


In the end, President Bensaid invited the participants to consider visiting their country, Ifrane and the Al Akhawayn University, when the situation returns to normal and expressed being equally enchanted with all the symbolism in organizing this 4th edition from Dakhla this year.