AUI's Leadership Development Institute Organizes Leadership and Credibility Conference



On March 2nd, The Leadership Development Institute (LDI) hosted a conference on Leadership and Credibility. This conference was organized thanks to the LDI’s recent partnership with the Master's Program of Language, Communication, and Society at Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University in Fez. The LDI had the pleasure to welcome Dr. Mohamed Moubtassime, who delivered the workshop, 15 students from the master's program, and their professor Dr. Latifa Belfakir. 


Our guests also had the opportunity to bond with our LDI students over lunch, learning and sharing valuable insights on leadership. Both parties strongly believe in developing future Moroccan leaders and transforming them into influential global citizens through servant leadership. Two workshops were previously delivered by the LDI team at Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University: the first one was on the Sustainable Development Goals established by our Human Development Manager, Gabriella Moocarme, and the second was on Grit, delivered by the LDI Director, Dr. Duncan Rinehart.


In this era of urgency towards sustainability and transformational leadership, the LDI's leadership program proves highly relevantThe combined efforts from the LDI and the Master's Program of Language, Communication, and Society will contribute towards shaping responsible and effective global leaders.