AUI Launches University Towards Growth with New Strategic Plan


On January 30th, the Al Akhawayn community gathered at a town hall event to discuss the University’s new Strategic Plan for 2020-2025 with President Bensaid and University officers. At the meeting, leaders presented an outline of the Strategic Plan, along with its key elements and six fundamental pillars. In response, community members were able to voice their opinions, concerns, and questions regarding this plan for the direction of the institution over the next five years.

AUI executives expressed their plan for the university to excel as a 21st-century liberal arts education model through research programs, social responsibility, and leadership initiatives. They presented six categories that will define the institution’s growth: AUI as a Microcosm for the Ideal Morocco; Liberal Education Beacon for Emerging World’s 21st Century Challenges; AUI Experience Geared Towards Student Inspiration and Success; Partner of Choice for Corporate and Primary Supplier for Public Sector; AUI Brand Image Elevated and Unleashed for New Enrollment; Financial Environment Institutional Exemplarity and Sustainability.