Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - SGA Successfully Transitions to New Student Leadership

SGA Successfully Transitions to New Student Leadership

 AUI’s Student Government Association successfully completed the transition process to the next board of 2020 through the farewell and transition ceremony organized Wednesday, December 11th. Students, faculty, staff, and executives attended the ceremony to express their gratitude to the 2019 SGA leadership and welcome the new senators who will represent AUI's student body this year.  

Since the beginning of SGA’s 2019 mandate, a considerable number of important achievements and milestones were reached. Amongst them, re-establishing the trust of AUI's community in the SGA, successful mediation between students and administrators, structural improvements in student life and academics, as well as the extensive contribution of SGA to AUI’s strategic plan for the next 5 years (more details here).

The success of the SGA during this year is a testimony to the commitment of Al Akhawayn University towards shared governance and student-centeredness, as well as the great potential of AUI students and their involvement in the university.